Walking Into Deformed Steel Bars

1.What is rebar

The common name for hot-rolled ribbed steel bars is rebar, but the reason why it is called rebar is mainly because this name is more vivid and vivid.

The surface of threaded steel usually has two longitudinal ribs and transverse ribs evenly distributed along the length direction. There are three styles of transverse ribs: spiral, herringbone, and crescent.

2.Classification of threaded steel

The classification of threaded steel varies slightly among countries. China adopts the standard GB1499.2-2018, which divides threaded steel into three levels based on strength level.

For the types of rebar, they can be divided into: ordinary hot-rolled steel bars and fine-grained hot-rolled steel bars. Ordinary hot-rolled steel bars: steel bars delivered in hot-rolled state, whose grade is composed of HRB, yield strength characteristic value, and seismic symbol (+E)

Fine grained hot-rolled steel bars: Fine grained steel bars formed through controlled rolling and controlled cooling processes during the hot rolling process, with a grade composed of HRBF, yield strength characteristic values, and seismic resistance symbol (+E). H represents hot rolling, R represents ribbed, and B represents steel bars

3.Production of threaded steel

Screw thread steel is produced by small rolling mills, which are mainly divided into continuous, semi continuous, and transverse types. Most of the newly built and in use fully continuous small rolling mills in the world.4

Post time: Jan-15-2024