Deformed Bar

  • Deformed Steel Bar

    Deformed Steel Bar

    Products Description Product MS flat bat square bar Thickness Hot rolled 2 MM to 20 MM Width Customized Length Stock in 6M Fabrication Cutting, Bending,Hole punching Surface Carbon black, Mild steel Offer Standards ASTM: A36 JIS: SS400 EN: S235JR Inspection Mill test certificate along with cargos, and TPI test also acceptable Company Profile Shanghai Shunyun Industrial Co.,LTD w...
  • Garde ASTM A706 Grade 60prime Hot Rolled High Tensile Deformed Steel bar

    Garde ASTM A706 Grade 60prime Hot Rolled High Tensile Deformed Steel bar

    In addition to their remarkable strength, our deformed steel bars offer easy handling and installation. Their ribbed surface provides an excellent bond with the surrounding concrete, reducing the risk of slippage or dislocation. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your structures will remain intact and stable under various loads and environmental conditions.

    Our commitment to delivering the best products doesn’t stop at quality and performance. We also prioritize sustainability in our production processes. Our deformed steel bars are produced using eco-friendly methods that minimize waste and reduce environmental impact. By choosing our deformed steel bars, you contribute to a greener future without compromising on quality



  • HRB400 HRB 335 steel rebar deformed steel bar iron rods steel bars

    HRB400 HRB 335 steel rebar deformed steel bar iron rods steel bars

    Made from high-quality, high-strength materials, our deformed steel bars are designed to provide maximum support and durability. These bars are specially engineered with deformations along their surface, adding superior strength and mechanical grip to any concrete structure.

    they offer exceptional resistance against bending and fatigue, making them ideal for heavy-load applications. With their enhanced physical properties, our bars ensure the stability and longevity of your buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.

    Our deformed steel bars are manufactured using advanced production techniques, ensuring consistent quality and performance. These bars undergo rigorous testing to comply with industry standards, guaranteeing that they meet or exceed the required specifications.

  • Deformed bar rebar for construction

    Deformed bar rebar for construction

    Product details Generally, we often classied deformed bar in two ways. The first one is according to its geometric figure, according to it’s cross section shape and the ribs distance, such as Type Ⅰ and Type Ⅱ. Secondly, we classify deformed bar according to its properities. By standard GB1499.2-2007, we divide it into three classes as per it’s Yeild strength adn Tensile strength. Deformed bar as basic construct material, deformed bar be widely used for any construction field...